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What is the maximum team size?

The maximum is 6, but historically teams of 3-4 cross-disciplinary individuals tend to work most effectively together.

I don’t fully understand the Human 2.0 concept. Is there any recommended reading?

Because Human 2.0 is an emerging concept, don’t feel like you need to be an expert to participate. Our team will be on site to help with industry viability and feasibility questions throughout the weekend. We will also host a prep call for the accepted participants to brief you on trends and opportunity areas. In the meantime, check out:

I participated in a previous hackathon. Can I apply for DV Hacks: Humans?

Sure thing! We’d love to see familiar faces back for more. However, prior participation does not guarantee future selection.

Will I be reimbursed for travel?

Each participant that lives over 25 miles away will receive a $500 Visa gift card to assist with any expenses in traveling to 10 Hudson Yards, taking Ubers or staying overnight as needed. All local participants  (less than 25 miles from 10 Hudson Yards) will receive a $150 gift card to help with expenses. Accepted applicants will be notified of our recommended hotels and special rates nearby.

I can’t attend the full weekend (Friday at 12 pm to Sunday at 3 pm). Can I still participate?

We prefer to have all participants fully committed for the weekend.

How exclusive is the hackathon? How likely am I to be accepted?

DV Hacks receives hundreds of applications and selects between 50-60 participants. To increase your likelihood of being accepted, here are a few tips:

Can I apply as an individual?

Absolutely! Once all participants have been selected, we will add everyone to a Slack channel. There, we ask that you talk to the other individual participants and find a team to join. We guarantee you’ll have great talent to choose from. Note that if you do not find a team before you arrive, you’ll be behind.

How do I win?

At DV Hacks, we select a winning team based on the full package: Technical Elements, Business Elements, and Teaming. This means that your technical capabilities are critical, but not more critical than having an idea that is feasible, desirable, and viable in-market. Winners will be chosen by an expert judging panel, to be announced.

Can I apply if I'm not in the United States?

Unfortunately this go-around is limited to US residents. Stay tuned for more DV Hacks in other locations in the future!

I’m a designer/operator/other non-technical person. Can I apply?

Yes! At DV, we’re much more interested in building a sustainable business than just an app/bot/piece of code. We’re open to any and all applicants who want to create businesses around Human 2.0. Non-technical individuals that apply with a well-rounded team will be more likely to be selected than a solo applicant.

Why do you ask for our gender and ethnicity on the application form?

Simply put, diversity is important to us. More diverse thought = better ideas. If you are uncomfortable providing any of this info, your application will not be affected by leaving it blank.

What is your IP policy?

To ensure both BCGDV and our participants are protected, we do require all participants to sign a Hackathon Agreement. More information on this agreement will be shared with applicants in advance of the event.


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